Benjamin E. Fife, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy

Infant-parent psychotherapy focuses on relationships between young children and their parents or guardians. Treatment usually begins before the child turns 3. Sometimes when an expecting parent is aware of challenges that might come up in the infant-parent relationship it can be useful to start treatment before the baby’s arrival.

Many situations lead parents to initiate infant-parent psychotherapy. These include concerns about unexpected feelings the parent has toward the child, difficulties the child is having in reaching developmental milestones, interruptions to the parent child relationship because of hospitalization or illness, and losses within the family that impact the quality of time spent with the young child.

If these or other circumstances are arising in your life with your baby, infant-parent psychotherapy may help you reach a place of stability while supporting your child to develop resiliency.

Infant-parent psychotherapy often involves a combination of home and office based work.

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