Benjamin E. Fife, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Family Therapy

At times entire families face challenges that are best addressed by meeting together with a therapist. In these instances I can help family members notice and shift patterns of communication that contribute to distress.

Familial distress is often related to unexpected life events, losses, or rapid changes in the family situation. Modern family life is fast paced, and therapy can provide tools for slowing down, reflecting on experiences and helping family members understand each other.

Family therapy can be especially useful when one or more family members are engaging in substance abuse treatment or other forms of recovery.

Family therapy can be either short or long term depending on the concerns bringing the family to treatment.

Many families benefit from regular tune up meetings after the therapy has ended.

Some families find that meetings of longer than 50 minutes are useful for developing a deeper understanding of the family situation.

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