Benjamin E. Fife, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Adult Psychotherapy

Short Term

Sometimes, depending on the type of difficulty a person is facing, short term therapeutic engagements can be effective. Short term treatment may help with specific fears or anxieties, difficulties adjusting to a new situation, or moving through periods of grief and loss.

Short term psychotherapy will focus on a single problem. I will collaborate with you to develop techniques for addressing the presenting problem and for tracking progress. The length of the therapy will be agreed upon at the outset of treatment.

Many people find regular tune up meetings after the end of therapy to be useful in maintaining progress.

Long Term

Long term therapeutic engagements are helpful when a person faces difficulties in more than one area of life or when a pattern feels particularly hard to change. Meetings may occur one or more times a week depending on your needs.

Long term adult psychotherapy involves regular, face to face meetings. Depending on your needs sessions may focus on current life situations, or patterns of relating you have noticed. If you face severe distress you and I will develop concrete strategies for keeping you physically and emotionally safe. As we get to know each other our work will support you to develop and maintain healthy and creative ways of being in the world.

Long term psychotherapy can be useful for treating anxiety, some forms of depression, complex grief and a number of other disorders.

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